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Worry is torment

Posted: 23rd September 2014 by accepted in Uncategorized

It is only human to worry. It is understandable, and for many people, it is automatic. I am not writing this post to condemn anyone. I have a long history of worrying and pessimism, and I am still learning how to go to God with the things I would have worried about before. I do […]

In Proverbs Chapter 19, verse 11 it says: A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense. [NIV Bible] This is a Scripture that I come back to again and again. God reminds me of it repeatedly, and it has truly helped me. I don’t know if I was […]

God doesn’t judge by appearances

Posted: 8th September 2014 by accepted in Uncategorized

When God looks at you, He sees the real you, the person you are on the inside. He sees your personality, your family and your history. He knows what you fear and what hurts you. He sees the wounds from your past. He knows who you love and who loves you. He knows who you are. […]