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Most people fear death. They fear the death of the people they love and they fear their own death. Death is our biggest obstacle. It’s a brick wall. The uncertainty, the never knowing, the way lives change in one dying moment. A close family friend died on December 16th. He had fought a long battle […]

As Christmas approaches, this song says it all!

Posted: 23rd December 2015 by accepted in Uncategorized┬áthe lyrics appear below the video; click “see more” to see the full lyrics ­čÖé “That’s Why We Praise Him” is a song written by Tommy Walker, and in this case, performed by Rich Ochoa and the Maranatha! Promise band. It appears on “i Worship, A Total Worship Experience,” a double CD of Christian music. […]

God will do for you what no one else can–He will be there for you every day, every night, every hour, every minute.┬áAnything┬áthat concerns you concerns Him! He knows all of the details of your life. He wants you to respond to Him by coming to Him. Pray! God hears you, whether you pray out […]