God will do for you what no one else can–He will be there for you every day, every night, every hour, every minute. Anything that concerns you concerns Him!

He knows all of the details of your life. He wants you to respond to Him by coming to Him. Pray! God hears you, whether you pray out loud or in your mind.

Prayer is a conversation with God. Prayer is not a script to be read. It is you, talking to God in your real voice, in your own words.

There is no one you can be more real with than God because He already knows it all! What a relief not to have to pretend, to put on a face, to have an image to keep up with!

You can be straight with God. He can handle your frustration and anger. God is durable! He can handle hearing whatever you pray about.

It’s hard to be honest with people. There are things about me that I know people will judge me for. This blog sometimes poses a challenge for me, because my purpose is to turn people toward God, to inspire people to want to know Him. But that requires some risky honesty from me.

People that I know, friends and family, aren’t necessarily who I want to be reading this, because I want to be open about my flaws and who I am really am. I can’t be that candid with just anyone. Revealing my website to people who know me can threaten my ability to be honest here. But I know God has called me to do this. And I know I have to sacrifice my image to other people and they may judge me.

I will leave you with this–I can bare it all to God. He still loves me, knowing all the truth about me. And He still loves you too!

We can all be harshly critical of ourselves. If you are waiting to live up to some standard you’ve set for yourself, understand that God isn’t a perfectionist! 🙂 He’s ready to accept you today! He will forgive you, He will restore you, and He will stand by you!