Why Writing This Blog Is Worth It To Me

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I don’t know how many people will ultimately read what I’ve written in this blog. The idea to write this blog to reach people who don’t know God was given to me after my weekly Bible study by a woman from another church. She’s not a member where I go, but our churches are located about a mile away from each other, and she had heard we were doing a Bible study called “Battlefield of the MInd” by Joyce Meyer, so she signed up. (I am an unabashed fan of Joyce Meyer, she is the real deal, and I respond to her style of preaching–I would recommend her to anyone!)  It took guts for her to come to a different church. She was stepping out in faith, being obedient to the voice of God that she was able to hear by staying close to God through regular Bible study and prayer.

I admired her right from the start, because she was very bold, fashionable :), and friendly. She spoke up in class right from the first day, and I have anxiety speaking in front of groups, so I looked up to her. She was a part of our class from January 2012-April 2012, and she was very well-liked and now fondly remembered by us.

After class one day, we were talking about my speaking phobia, and I was saying that I had told God, “Why are you telling me to say all of these things about You to people, but I can’t even do it, because I have this phobia of public speaking?” This is how God answered me. He said, “You can talk to people by writing.” I told Patti and our study leader this, and Patti said, “You could write a blog!”

I had never even considered writing a blog because I thought I would be considered a vain attention seeker. I had thought about trying to break into Christian writing, specifically gearing my writing toward people who aren’t saved, or are new Christians. I have always enjoyed writing, and it is a release for me. So I imagined trying to query publishers with book ideas, but I hadn’t brought anything to fruition yet.

I know that people die every day without knowing God, and it hurts me to think of all of the eternal lives that are being lost. I knew I wanted to DO SOMETHING, but what? God answered that question through Patti with an idea that was so different from what I imagined! But God does that–He surprises you and asks you to do things you might not have thought you would want to do or be good at. One thing that I always say is that if God tells you to do something, it’s the right thing to do. God is never wrong, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t work out or that you aren’t capable of doing what He asks.

My  journey with writing this blog started that day, and I have made steady (albeit slow) progress since then. I knew nothing about registering a web site, selecting and setting up a web hosting account, installing WordPress…and to tell you the truth, working with websites and such is not my strong suit. But going through each step (that others might consider easy–hats off!), I had to step out in faith–that even though I’m not tech savvy, I was still meant to be doing this, that I did hear from God, and I was going to keep moving forward.

I know that God knows all about my motivations and what is truly in my heart, so I know that no matter what other people might think (or comment, yikes!), that I am doing this because I want to see as many people as possible saved. God revealed something very important to me today, about an hour or two ago. He told me that if only one person were to read this blog and respond to it by turning to Him and being saved, it would be worth it. I have to praise His Name right now, because He loves every single one of us so much that He is willing to patiently nurture every person who wants to be used by Him!  He spoke to Patti, inspired her to inspire me, convinced me that this is His will, helped me with every step of this process, and encouraged me to stick with it. He’s keeping my computer running (it’s now being held together with duct tape and has been for months), giving me ideas for my pages…and all of it will be worth it if ONE PERSON will believe and be saved by the sacrifice of Jesus. You ARE worth it to God and to me, and I thank you for taking the time to read these words!

  1. Angie says:

    This is beautiful Ann and so very true! God is going to use you. Thank you for being obedient to him.