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God created crying to help us release our pain

Posted: 28th February 2014 by accepted in Uncategorized

I used to feel wrong when I cried, like I wasn’t being as strong as I should be if I did. In more recent times, I would let my tears fall without sobbing. My face and my clothes would get wet, but I wouldn’t really cry, I would spend the entire time trying to steady myself enough […]

When God forgives you, it is freedom

Posted: 20th February 2014 by accepted in Uncategorized

It can be hard to believe that God loves you unconditionally. All of us have done (or thought about doing) things we are ashamed of. To other people, we present a facade of being a “good” or “nice” person. We want people to like us, and we care about what they think. We know there […]

I’ve got the victory in Jesus!

Posted: 4th February 2014 by accepted in Music I want to share this song with you that I discovered from the movie “The Gospel.” Great movie, great soundtrack! Yolanda Adams sings “Victory,” a song that is about how you can get through the pain and trouble in life. And joy is thrown in for good measure, because knowing Jesus is your Savior […]