God created crying to help us release our pain

Posted: 28th February 2014 by accepted in Uncategorized

I used to feel wrong when I cried, like I wasn’t being as strong as I should be if I did. In more recent times, I would let my tears fall without sobbing. My face and my clothes would get wet, but I wouldn’t really cry, I would spend the entire time trying to steady myself enough inside so I could stop.

God showed me His mercy recently when He let me know that crying, really crying would help me if I would just do it the whole way. After so many years of half crying, trying to end it as soon as possible, really breaking down and letting it out was foreign to me.

After I cry, I have a headache and red eyes. But I do feel better. A weight does get lifted. Now that I don’t fight crying, I can see the benefit of it.

Crying isn’t weakness. It isn’t masculine or feminine. Simply put, all people, male and female have the God given ability to cry. Crying is a release valve that helps us move through, not around, what hurts us.