I am grieving, and I am in God’s hands

Posted: 23rd March 2014 by accepted in Music

It’s been longer since my last post than I wanted it to be, but I have been doing the hard work of grief since my beloved cat passed away 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Before he died, he was very ill, and I took care of him 24/7.

This will be a short post, because the pain of losing him and missing him is very hard for me. I feared that he would die for a long time, because he always had health problems. I loved him with my whole heart, and it was agony even to think of him dying. I faced one of my worst fears 3 weeks ago. I’m sure anyone reading this who has loved a pet dearly can understand how tough it is to lose them.

This song comforts me and I hope it will help you with whatever you are facing now that feels overwhelming. God has comforted me, and He will continue to hold me up. He will comfort and support you as well. Tell God how hard it is, believe in Him and His ability to give you strength when you are weak. This too shall pass, with the mercy and the comfort of God.

“This Too Shall Pass” by Yolanda Adams