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I love music, and this is a great song!

Posted: 29th October 2013 by accepted in Music

Music is a powerful force that helps relieve stress and gives us a boost. It can energize you, lift your mood, and calm you down when you need it. Music injects happiness into my life, and if I’m deprived of it for too long, I feel more down. I listen to all types of music, […]

All of heaven rejoices over each new believer

Posted: 17th October 2013 by accepted in Uncategorized

This Scripture is known as the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and you can find it in Luke Chapter 15, verses 1-7. Jesus Himself speaks about the people who need Him the most–people who don’t know Him… Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Him [Jesus].  But the Pharisees and […]

This song lifts me up!

Posted: 3rd October 2013 by accepted in Music

I love “Shackles” by sister duo Mary Mary. I dare you not to like it! 🙂 This song speaks to people in real life situations. The lyrics are so true and direct, it’s impossible not to respond. You can be shackled to a painful past, shackled to a relationship, shackled to discouragement and disappointment. You […]