This song lifts me up!

I love “Shackles” by sister duo Mary Mary. I dare you not to like it! 🙂 This song speaks to people in real life situations. The lyrics are so true and direct, it’s impossible not to respond.

You can be shackled to a painful past, shackled to a relationship, shackled to discouragement and disappointment. You can be shackled to depression, shackled to fear, shackled to mood swings. You can be shackled to money problems, shackled to marriage problems…

In particular, I think this song is an anthem for the addicted. Addiction puts you in shackles, there’s no doubt about it! Addicts need encouragement. We need to see the possibility for change and hope for the future. This song is so stirring and personal, it goes straight to your heart to inspire you! I listen to this every time I get the chance, and it always feels the same–like someone understands me and acknowledges what I go through.


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