YOU Matter to God

By accepted

I am writing this blog because God wants to reach out to people who don’t know Him through me. Maybe your family doesn’t have specific spiritual beliefs, or you used to go to church, but haven’t in a long time. You may have belonged to a church, but were never able to really connect to God personally. Perhaps you believe that there is a god, but you don’t know which religion to believe. You aren’t alone in this, because so many people don’t know what to believe, and they don’t have someone close to them that they can talk to about God. This is where I come in– I want to talk to you about God.

By sharing my experiences and what I know about God, I hope you will see how gentle and loving the Lord is. He is seeking YOU personally. He knows everything about you, He loves you, and He wants you to know who He really is. No matter what your circumstances are, no matter what you may regret doing in the past, no matter how often you may have tried and failed to “be a good person,” God wants you to turn to Him and accept the love He already has for you!


  1. Kathi Repinski says:

    Impressive blog, Little Girl! I finally got around to reading it. Praying it ” hits the mark” for many!