Even strong, healthy and successful people need God

Posted: 21st September 2013 by accepted in Uncategorized

Wealthy people are admired. Good looking people are admired. Talented people are admired. Successful people are admired.

Our worth in this life is largely dependent on what we do and how we look. Attractiveness, accomplishment and achievement are highly valued. And if you have all three of them you’re golden! 🙂

It isn’t wrong to be gifted in these ways. But if we start to feel bulletproof, we might not see a reason to look for God. If this life is good, why question what happens when you die?

Knowing God can be tricky when you don’t realize that you need Him. When you are strong physically, emotionally and financially, you may be deceived into believing that you can handle your life without God. Until a job loss happens. Until a trip to the doctor becomes an unexpected blow. Until you lose someone you love. Until an addiction swallows you whole.

We are all human, and we will all face trials. We can’t take the uncertainty out of our lives. We can’t predict the future. We can’t protect all of the people we love, and when it gets down to the nitty gritty, we can’t protect ourselves either.

You can’t decide how it will all turn out. But you can believe in God and connect yourself to Him. You can allow Him to be your security. When you place your faith and love for God above your own abilities, an intense relief unfolds. Deep down, you know you can’t do it all, but you don’t know where to get help, so you keep on doing what you’ve always done. It’s working, right? You tell yourself, “If something really bad happens, I can handle it like I’ve handled everything else.”

Even if you’re great under pressure or a rock during crises, you are still vulnerable if you aren’t looking to God to sustain you. You can’t stop your body from aging. You can’t stop unexpected deaths. In short, you can’t do it all! But you don’t have to, God is here. He is here to give you your best life after this one is over.

What happens when you die? It’s not nothingness. You aren’t over! You are more than a body, and God didn’t create you to live one lifetime. He created you to live for an eternity. The key is to understand that life does go on, and you have to choose to believe in the One True God now. After you die, it’s too late. Believe God now, in this life, and your eternal life will be saved!

In Isaiah Chapter 45, verse 22, God says, “Turn to Me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.” [NIV Bible] We don’t know what tomorrow holds. Believe today and become a part of God’s eternal family!