I was blessed by a conversation with a stranger

Posted: 3rd June 2015 by accepted in Uncategorized

Sometimes someone who doesn’t know you is the perfect person to lift you up and help you see the good in yourself.

Today had been on the tedious side, and I was worse for the wear. Plainly put, I was irritable, with a long to do list. I saw a salesperson approaching my front door while I was folding laundry. It was young woman with a clipboard and a hard job to do, and I answered the door with a lot on my mind.

The last thing I thought I had the time to do was have a meaningful conversation. I wasn’t buying what she was selling, and I was (gently)clear about that from the start. And although she obviously wanted to sell me something, I listened to her and I found her to be a delightful young woman. I have some background in sales, and we discussed her job, her college major and her goals.

She is a young woman with so much going for her: ambition, education, clearly intelligent, kind, warm and charismatic. If I hadn’t taken the time with her, I wouldn’t have had the pleasant and memorable conversation I did.

In Proverbs Chapter 11, verse 25, it says:

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. [English Standard Version]

I heard this young woman out because I knew she wanted to be listened to. Yes, it was a sales pitch, but God put her on my porch not to make a sale but to be encouraged. She was uncertain about her sales ability, she had just started her job 2 weeks ago. I told her that she clearly had a natural talent for sales that could open doors for her far into her future. I told her about my impression of her–that she was kind and warm, with a cheerful disposition; that it was obvious that she would do well in her career; that she was a beautiful young woman with intelligence and charisma to boot!

I built her up, not with insincere flattery, but with my honest thoughts and impressions. She also paid me a few compliments that lifted me up as well, and my day was better for meeting her. I pray for her now, and I will always remember her fondly. I know God is watching over her, and I pray that she will seek Him.

I poured encouragement into this young woman, and that’s something I urge you to do as well, whenever you have the opportunity. People need to hear what their strengths are. They need to hear about the good in them. Knowing you have lifted someone up rewards both of you!