God will put the pieces of me back together

Posted: 8th October 2016 by accepted in Uncategorized

I want to be more faithful to this blog. I know the time between my posts is too long. I want to change that, but I need God’s help.

These past few months have been some of the hardest of my life. Memories can be triggered by a song, by a picture or something someone says. And my wounds are pierced again.

People say, “Only by the grace of God…” What does that mean? That only by God working inside you and for you can you make it through something you thought you never could.

In Psalm Chapter 94, verses 17-19, it says:

Unless the Lord had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death.

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” Your love, O Lord, supported me.

When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul.

Thank You, Lord, for never leaving me alone. Thank You for Your concern for me. Thank You for loving me.