God loves you right here, right now

Posted: 11th July 2013 by accepted in Uncategorized

God knows us and understands us better than anyone else does, including ourselves. He’s seen it all from start to finish, and He knows who we truly are. Being transparent to God can be an uncomfortable notion when we think about the wrong we’ve thought about or done.

But there’s a great freedom there, too. Knowing that God knows about the worst in us and still offers His forgiveness and love is liberating!

We don’t have to put on a face with God. Being fake or phony isn’t even an option, and that’s a good thing! When we realize that everything about us is laid bare before God, it’s a relief! We don’t have to pretend to be something we’re not. We don’t have to lie, smooth over or defend. As long as you believe in Him and the One He Sent, Jesus, you are acceptable to God. Even when you do, say or think wrong things, God will continue to forgive you and love you.

He knows you’re a work in progress, so cut yourself some slack! God cuts us a lot of slack because He understands our challenges, weaknesses and pain. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding God until you can show Him a stellar report card. If you have to feel good enough to approach God and get to know Him, you may become discouraged and never feel worthy of His love for you. God loves you unconditionally, so there’s no need to try to eliminate your faults before you come to Him. Come to God now, just the way you are. Right this minute, you are good enough to be loved by God!